The March grounding at the Air Force’s main F-15C advanced training base was due in part to missing documentation, according to the Air Force.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center spokesman Brian Brackens said Kingsley Field, Ore., requested an extension to a scheduled depot overhaul for an aircraft, approval of which involves F-15 Program Office engineers reviewing the aircraft’s maintenance history.

Some previous inspection paperwork relating to a longeron—an aircraft structural element—was missing, though, he said, so the program office repeated the inspection to ensure the integrity of the longeron. “Other nonrelated maintenance issues, led the wing commander at Kingsley Field to pause operations for the remainder of their fleet,” Bracken said. – Air Force Magazine

Featured image of the 173rd Fighter Wing F-15 Eagle Command jet taxis to the runway in preparation for a training mission at Kingsley Field, Klamath Falls, OR by US Air Force

f-15 grounded missing paperwork