Mike Doyle is an active Special Weapons and Tactics team member, known as S.W.A.T. He also hosts a podcast called Tactical Tangents that delves into decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork.

The mission of the S.W.A.T. team is to provide the police department with the capability to resolve high-risk situations. Examples of their missions include hostage situations, barricaded suspects, high-risk search warrants and raids, VIP protection details, and counter-sniper.

S.W.A.T specialties include snipers, explosive breaching, chemical and less-lethal munitions, armored personal carrier operations, tactical medics, tactical robot operations, and entry specialists.

Mike also works as a K9 handler, tactical medic and as a police firearms instructor. In this podcast he goes into the S.W.A.T mentality, who thrives during the training, and what is like entering a barricaded building. He also gives shooting tips for beginner and intermediate shooters.