Minute 47:00 of this episode has a story that nearly brought a tear to my eye. Having been deployed to combat, I’ve seen the incredible team effort to save lives that he talks about. It’s truly awe inspiring to see the military men and women, most under 30 years old, come together and sacrifice so that others may live. I am confident that as long as I live, I will never see a focused team effort like I did in the mountains of Afghanistan. It’s unfortunate that war seems to be the catalyst for this cohesiveness, but for those who had the experience, it’s a memory that won’t be forgotten.

Dr. Patten may be the newest person to hold the title “Most Interesting Man in the World.” He was an F-16 fighter pilot in the Air National Guard for 10 years before going to medical school and becoming an emergency room doctor. He has also remained a fire fighter for the Millbrook Fire Department since 2001.

In this episode he talks about time management skills, goal setting, overcoming high pressure situations, and staying passionate. He also shares several amazing stories along the way.