Nasty Staggs is the premiere Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) for the US Air Force.  His awards include–9th Air Force Tactical Journeyman of the Year, Jacob Fraser JTAC of the year, Fighter Wing Lance Sijan Award, and the David Gray WIC instructor of the Year Award.

Nasty’s an expert in calling in airstrikes.  Whether he’s traveling with a conventional force or attached to a special ops team, Nasty is responsible for putting ordnance on the enemy.

He has deployed to combat 7 times and is now an Air Force Weapons Instructor (WIC) at Nellis AFB.  His job is to teach the most advanced students and develop new close air support tactics for the Air Force.

At 6’5, 240 pounds Nasty is in peak physical condition—a requirement for his specialized career.

In the interview, Nasty goes into what makes a good JTAC.  He talks about his diet, fitness routine, and stress management techniques.  He shares the time a Taliban grenade landed next to him as well as his experience operating in the Afghan mountains at 15,000 feet.

Listen to the show below: