Here at FighterSweep, there’s no denying that we have some ridiculous talent on our staff. We are so proud to have men and women who are professionals in the aviation world contributing to our efforts. As a matter of fact, I believe I have the best team on the planet, and certainly not afraid to say so. You can imagine how excited I was to run across C.W. Lemoine a few months ago and ask him to come aboard. Even more exciting was when he said, “Absolutely!”

“Mover” Lemoine has spent more than 1,500 hours flying both Hornets and Vipers—to include a tour in Iraq. So when he decided to try his hand at writing fiction, the combination of high-stakes suspense and authentic military details came naturally to him. Now Lemoine is publishing his third military thriller of the Spectre Series, Archangel Fallen, due out today–July 14.

Lemoine started writing the first book in the series, Spectre Rising in the Fall of 2009 after returning from his first combat deployment flying the Lockheed-Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“I enjoyed writing and wanted to share some of the insights from the cockpit of the F-16, but didn’t feel like my personal story was interesting or heroic enough to warrant its own book,” he explained.

Though the events in the Spectre Series are entirely fictional, Lemoine uses his knowledge and experience as a fighter pilot, law enforcement officer, and Krav Maga instructor to infuse his thrillers with authenticity and credibility.


About Archangel Fallen:

In the third full-length military espionage thriller from C.W. Lemoine, Spectre is being hunted by the FBI. The agency believes he’s at the heart of an unthinkable act of terrorism. But as Spectre’s about to find out, the true culprit has set in motion a far more powerful conspiracy.

After escaping a ruthless assassin, Cal “Spectre” Martin is on the run. Labeled as a fugitive and being used as a scapegoat, Spectre must remain in the shadows, even as he draws together the strings of what he fears is a far-reaching conspiracy. With the covert help of his friends as well as a fierce desire to exact vigilante justice to avenge the death of his friend, he begins the tricky process of gathering evidence to clear his name, all while avoiding capture by an FBI Agent determined to bring him to justice.

But Spectre’s problems are just beginning. As he peels back the layers of political back-office deals and international espionage, he unearths a treachery so deep it threatens U.S. security and, more importantly, the lives of the few people closest to him.
A treachery that reaches all the way to the nation’s capital.

So far the novels have met with success: the first full-length book in the series has been a #1 Bestseller in four different categories on Amazon: Military Thrillers, Espionage Thrillers, Political Thrillers, and Terrorism Thrillers.

“While writing a series, I love the plot twists,” he says. “To me, I don’t make up the stories–the characters do. So it’s fun to get immersed in the Spectre universe and find out what’s going to happen next. It’s always best when I surprise even myself. I also enjoy readers and feedback. I love engaging with people as they say ‘hurry up, write more!’ or want to talk about the unique characters in the series.”

He’s one of our people, so I have no problem with shamelessly plugging his work! Please go check out his website and pick up his books. If you’re into that genre, you won’t be disappointed!