It’s hard to describe the feeling of flying in a high-performance fighter aircraft. I can promise you this: it’s every bit as awesome as you imagine it to be–and then some.

At FighterSweep, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best aviation-related content, from real pilots and industry professionals alike. Our goal is to be your go-to source for aviation news, feature articles, and discussions. We have senior leadership from all branches of the armed forces looking at and even commenting on our posts–from young wingmen in fighter squadrons all the way up to four-star generals overseeing MAJCOMs. We have aides to policy-makers following us now…and our readership continues to grow.

We cannot thank you enough for the love you’ve shown and the support of our efforts and hope that you’ll help us continue to spread the word about what we’re doing, and the places we’re going.

To that effect, we hope you enjoy our very first FighterSweep-specific video trailer, a teaser of some of the video projects that are to come. So strap in and hold on, people! You’re about to go inside the cockpit of the mighty F-16C Fighting Falcon during a low-level flight over Lake Powell and a Basic Fighter Maneuvers engagement.


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