The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is designed to be flown by the owner which is a unique concept in privately owned passenger jets.

Take a Ride with AOPA on the Vision Jet

The light jet that costs around two million dollars took Cirrus about 10 years to develop and build. They obtained FAA certification last October.

Vision Jet Specifications:

  • Single Model FJ33-5A engine manufactured by Williams International
  • Engine produces approximately 1800 lbs of thrust
  • Wingspan 38.7 ft. (11.79 m) – Length 30.7 ft. (9.42 m)
  • Maximum cruise speed 300 knots – Stall speed 67 knots
  • Takeoff distance 2036 ft. (620 m) – Landing Ground roll 1628 ft. (496 m)
  • Cabin design with reclining seats – accommodating up to five adults and two children

Featured image by Cirrus

CIRRUS JET New Paint for Oshkosh 2012
CIRRUS JET New Paint for Oshkosh 2012