Happy Friday, everyone! In lieu of Burner Friday this week, we wanted to take you inside the cockpit of the supremely agile and capable Eurofighter Typhoon.

Flown out of RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, a pair of Typhoons from 29 Squadron–one of which flown by the RAF’s Typhoon Demonstration Pilot–take to the sky, flying a low-level training mission through the amazing scenery of the Lake District and the fantastic vertical terrain referred to as the “Mach Loop.”

We’ve all seen the amazing images that British aviation photojournalists–Neil Bates, Mark Jayne, and Kevin Jackson come to mind–capture of both U.S. and RAF aircraft raging through those valleys in Wales, but it’s not often we have the chance to go along for the ride.

FighterSweep Fans, that changes right now!

This RAF Typhoon from 1 Squadron taxis out for a Red Flag training mission at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

Leave it to Jamie Hunter, our friend and Editor of Combat Aircraft magazine, to film this fantastic flight that takes us from 40,000 feet MSL initially, and then down to approximately 250 feet through the Mach Loop. Tight turns, sweeping mountainous terrain, and Typhoons. If you’ve got five minutes to spare, you’ll be glad you took a look at this.

Enjoy your weekend!!