My buddy Wingnut is not only an intrepid and steely-eyed fighter pilot who has already garnered some well deserved ink here on FighterSweep, but he also happens to be a pretty damn good filmmaker.  This is his 2014 Hornet Ball video. It may not have been his intention, but here at FighterSweep: Navy Edition, it seems like a pretty clear throwing down of the gauntlet at our gentler service.`
Now I’m not saying the Air Force guys are soft and cuddly.  But other than Iron Eagle 1 through 13, the video evidence certainly speaks for itself.  Sure, they pull a drag chute anytime they are forced to land on a runway less than 12,000 feet long, and retire to their overly-lush base golf courses to lick their wounds.  But I’m sure that, somewhere between Zoomba classes and snapping on their snazzy scarves, they must be doing something worth watching.  Square dancing in the East Rec Room at 11?
C’mon Air Force!  Let’s see what you’ve got.  And no, you can’t feature all the wonderful drones you fly.
Fight’s on!