This is a great video if you like watching ridiculous amounts of lead getting thrown around! The video takes place over Yodaville, a mock town/village near Yuma, AZ.

This brief snippet is part of a larger exercise called WTI or Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course, which Curt Jans covered in a fantastic series of articles earlier this year. As we’ve shown you on numerous occasion, we have tremendous respect for the rotary-wing community, for they bring capabilities to the fight only they can.

Huey door gunners are certainly no exception and we’re excited to share this unique perspective with you. This clip is of the Huey gunners bringing the pain during urban Close Air Support operations.

Semper Fi, Marines!

USMC UH-1Y 168319 (HMLA-267 UV-06) (LS2) [NYL 11Apr2013] - Curt Jans

(Featured photo courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps)