Right out of an Indian Jones movie, Harrison Ford bravely piloted his small plane right over the top of an airliner defying death once again and then landing safely at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

He even landed on a taxiway instead of the big runway to make it more interesting!

Well, in reality the 74 year old movie star made a mistake and lined up for and landed on the taxiway when he was supposedly cleared to land on the main runway. That explains why he flew over the top of the airliner.

To make things even more interesting Ford actually communicated on the radio to the tower saying, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”

In newly released video of the incident, Ford’s small, single-engine yellow plane is seen coming in from the right side of the frame, casting its shadow over the American Airlines departing flight narrowly below it.

In audio released last week, the actor was heard making mistakes during radio communication with air traffic control in the minutes leading up to his close call. He responded to the control tower by fumbling his words and telling them that he was flying a helicopter rather than his single-engine plane. – People

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Ford was involved in another aviation incident in 2015 when the plane he was flying crash landed on a golf course near the Santa Monica Municipal Airport.

So what do you think will happen to Harrison? Should he or will he have his licensed revoked? Will the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) go easy on him because he is a celebrity? Wonder if the FAA investigators will ask for an autograph when they finish interviewing him.

Can Indiana Jones escape one more time? Let’s hear your comments!

Featured image by FAMEFLYNET/People