Strap in for a front row seat in the cockpit of the Lockheed-Martin C-130J Hercules. Chief Test Pilot for Airlift Aircraft Wayne Roberts makes it look easy as he puts the Super Herc through it’s tactical demonstration at the Paris Air Show in 2011.
This crew clearly demonstrates the extreme maneuverability of the Super Herc in the low-level environment. Its minimum turn radius comes in at less than 1000 feet, equal to roughly 9 plane lengths. Since 1954, the C-130 has specialized in short field operations.
This demo starts with a Max Effort Take-off and ends with a Max Effort Landing (also know as an Assault Landing).  The takeoff and landing ground roll are each less than 1000 feet.  Just a couple of samples of what the mighty Herc is capable of.
That’s tactical airlift: “Anytime, Anywhere.”