Sam Northway, a 91 year old former World War II aviator took the skies again in a celebration of flight.

“I never did want to go someplace in an airplane. I just liked to fly,” said Sam Northway. Northway’s been in love with airplanes since he was just a kid.

“The earth looks beautiful when you’re flying over it, looking down. It doesn’t look like that when you’re on the ground looking at it,” said Northway. Northway proudly served the country as a Navy pilot and seaman in WWII.

He joined the Air Force, serving through both the Korean and Vietnam War eras. The sight of vintage aircraft still catches his eye. “Beautiful airplanes,” he said.

Even a half-hour ride soaring high through the Kansas skies was breath taking. “Oh what a ride!!” Sam said, once back on the ground. And it was more emotional than he expected, with tears welling in his eyes. – Fox4KC

Sam served during three wars and was a pilot in the Navy and Air Force.

sam northway world war ii pilot

Featured image via video screen capture