NASA wants to bring back supersonic flight and they are doing it with what they call ‘Quiet Supersonic Technology‘. The ill fated Concorde jet was able to fly across the Atlantic at speeds above the sound barrier but NASA’s new ‘quiet’ technology is going to be a game changer allowing supersonic flight across populated land.

Peter Coen, NASA’s Commercial Supersonic Technology project manager, said: “Supersonic flight offers the potential to improve the quality of life of those that fly, by greatly reducing travel time.

“In the nearer term, NASA’s development of quiet supersonic flight technology needs support, interest and engagement from the community to ensure that the potential sound is acceptable to those on the ground.”

Although supersonic jets can fly faster than the speed of sound, they are considered too noisy for commercial flight. NASA is aiming to dampen the supersonic sound waves to the level of a faraway “rumble” from a storm. Last month the space agency carried out a number of ear-shattering supersonic flight experiments near the Kennedy Space Center off the coast of Florida. – Daily Star

It is being reported that NASA will soon award a contract to build the first prototype aircraft.

Featured images by NASA