Singapore Airlines is apparently going to introduce non stop service from Singapore to New York which will be about a 19 or 20 hour flight. Imagine being on an airplane for 20 hours!

Singapore Airlines would operate the route using the Airbus A-350-900ULR, a new ultra long-range jet.  It will take about 19-hours to fly the 9,500 miles separating the two major hubs, depending on wind speeds.  Typical New York City air traffic delays could push the flight time to nearly 20 hours some days.

Singapore Airlines plans to operate the flight with a two-class configuration: business and premium economy. The plane will be fitted with lighting to combat jet lag and an air circulation system that renews the air every two minutes. – Fox 5 NY News

Featured image by wikicommons public domain

Singapore Airlines Airbus A-350-900ULR