Lockheed Martin’s plan to deliver 91 new F-35 aircraft for 2018 is on hold as the US Department of Defense temporarily suspends accepting aircraft because of a dispute over who will pay for repairing a production error.

Lockheed confirmed on Wednesday that the Pentagon had halted deliveries of the jet over a contractual issue, but did not give further details.

When the Pentagon stops taking delivery of F-35s, foreign customers can also be affected. So far at least two foreign governments have stopped accepting F-35s as a result of this issue, two of the sources said.

A Lockheed spokeswoman said on Wednesday: “Production on the F-35 program continues and we are confident we will meet our delivery target of 91 aircraft for 2018. While all work in our factories remains active, the F-35 Joint Program Office has temporarily suspended accepting aircraft until we reach an agreement on a contractual issue and we expect this to be resolved soon.” – Reuters

Featured image by US Air Force

F-35C Lightning II in Flight Over Amphibious Assault Ship USS Essex