I have been around military aircraft for over three decades, and to watch a Harrier accelerate down the runway is still, to this day, one of the most impressive aviation-related things I have ever seen. Sure, she is starting to get long in the tooth and her not nearly as attractive new cousin, the F-35, is starting to replace the old girl on the ramp at MCAS Yuma and other bases around the country. However, there is one thing the F-35 will never be able to take away from the venerable AV-8B Harrier II – it will never be the aircraft that perfected V/STOL.

The Harrier traces its origins back to Great Britain and the late 1950s with Hawker’s P.1127 and early ’60s with Hawker Siddeley’s Kestrel FGA.1. The newest Harrier versions entered service with the United States Marine Corps in 1985, and there are still six squadrons supporting global contingency operations today.

The Marine Corps has already begun standing down squadrons  in order to begin their transition to the F-35. The first squadron to be decommissioned was VMA-513, the “Flying Nightmares”, after serving the United States Marine Corps for almost 70 years. The first F-35B squadron is fragged to reach Initial Operational Capability later this summer.

We bring to you some of our most favorite Harrier images taken over the last 10-ish years. Enjoy!

DSC_9893 DSC_6615 DSC_0925 DSC_0907 DSC_0056 CB4_0176 WP_AV8B_PAEI_JULY10_RAMP1FS BlackSheep_AV8B_Step_PAEI_JUN10_R2FS 165592_AV8B_WP04_PAEI_JULY10_BW1FS 165584_AV8B_WL01_NZY_12FEB11_1FS 164154_AV8B_WE22_PAEI_JUN10_T1FS 164140_WP21_AV8B_TRI_AUG10_1FS 165429_NYL_2008-10-23fsjh_2 165311_NYL_2008-10-23fsjh 165429_NYL_2008-10-23fsjh 163868_IWA_2008-02-24fsjh 164134_NYL_2006-09-19fsjh 165006_IWA_2010-01-31fsjh 165570_IWA_2007-01-27fsjh 165566_IWA_2010-02-26fsjh 164114_NYL_2007-05-30fsjh 163207_NYL_2007-05-30fsjh 165425_NYL_2007-05-30fsjh 165581_NYL_2007-05-30fsjh 165583_NYL_2007-05-30fsjh 165397_IWA_2007-05-19fsjh 163860_IWA_2010-02-14fsjh 165397_IWA_2007-04-27fsjh 165421_IWA_2006-12-09fsjh 165421_IWA_2009-12-18fsjh 164571_IWA_2014-08-22fsjh 165567_NYL_2006-12-07fsjh

A Harrier assigned to VMA-223 "Bulldogs" departs on an evening flight

A pair of VMA-223 "Bulldogs" pilots strap on their jets prior to departing on a local mission

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