Happy Satuday, FighterSweep Fans! As promised, we’ve put together this photo gallery from our week at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Oregon–home of the 173rd Fighter Wing and Exercise Sentry Eagle.

This gallery features ground operations, reflecting the hard work and precision required to launch thirty-plus aircraft twice a day over four days. It was a sight to see as the ramp started to wake up, watching maintainers pull out intake and exhaust covers, raise canopies, open panels, and prep the aircraft for the day’s sorties.

Each day, within a couple hours of the maintainers arriving, the pilots flowed out of the operations building at set intervals to step to their jets. Engines cranked, systems powered up, and expressions of stern concentration crossed over the faces of aircrew and crew chiefs alike.

Here’s an insider look at gametime during Sentry Eagle 2015!

_DSC0947_2_DSC0943_2VFA146_Dismount_SentryEagle _DSC1133_2144FW_LineUp_SentryEagle _DSC1150_2173FW_Coma_JFSStart_SentryEagle _DSC1190_2144FW_TaxiToPark_SentryEagleVFA146_Taxi_SentryEagle309FS_Shady_SentryEagleSentryEagle_173FW_ThumbsUp _DSC1237_2173FW_Tiny_Step_Sentry Eagle _DSC1239_2144FW_LineUp_SentryEagle _DSC1378_2 _DSC1404_2_DSC1431_2173FW_Paulie_JFS_Start_DSC1493_2173FW_Dawg_JFSStart_Sentry Eagle_DSC1501_2173FW_TazTaxi_SentryEagle_DSC1504_2_DSC1822_2