After a long friendship, FighterSweep and Bremont Watch Company are proud to announce a newly formed partnership. Bremont is now the official timekeeper of Force 12 Media, FighterSweep’s parent company, and

There are few things that go together more than a pilot and his or her watch. The unmistakable flash on the left arm denotes an individual who is a highly capable team leader, driven to succeed, and precise to a fault.

Time is everything to a military pilot. A flight brief starts with a synchronization of timepieces called a “time hack”. Communication and radio checks happen at a specific and pre-briefed time. Everyone in a package strives to meet the Vul Time.

Fighter pilots talk about being on a “timeline”, a reference to making sure they proactively target enemy aircraft so air-to-air weapons are effective and lethal. A strike package of aircraft ensures that its bombs are on target, on time, because friendly forces on the ground demand precision.

And then of course, there’s the squadron bar after a hard day of flying! Military pilots are renowned for their bar room antics during Roll Call. We can all envision the fighter pilot telling a story with sleeves rolled up, a big watch in view, recreating a dog fight with his hands. Every pilot needs a big mechanical watch. It’s just part of the culture.

The Bremont U-2 Squadron watch at the top of a loop in the Northrop T-38 Talon
The Bremont U-2 Squadron watch at the top of a loop in the Northrop T-38 Talon

Aviators are also a tightknit group. A squadron works together, flies together, and even lives together while on deployment. Many of your first squadron members become your best friends for life. The early friendships you develop with them extend beyond just your first tour of duty. You can count on them anytime and anyplace, even after many years have passed.

 Precision. Camaraderie. Friendship.

Those tenets form the core connection between FighterSweep and Bremont. In that vein, a relationship between FighterSweep and the Bremont Watch Company was a natural fit.

Bremont has been creating special bespoke watches for military crew and squadrons for almost a decade. Its timepieces are built to withstand the same level of rigorous forces placed on the aircraft and pilot. As testament, the ejection seat company Martin-Baker has extensively tested the Bremont MB line of watches.

In addition, Bremont’s partnership with aerospace giant Boeing has resulted in the use of aviation-grade materials like Custom 465 steel and Ti 6-4 Titanium. In recent years, Bremont has seen unprecedented growth, particularly with its military division. It is a result of an unprecedented commitment to military aviation and the company’s military customers.

Aviation units around the world have reached out to Bremont in an effort to create their own specialized watches. It’s no small secret that a sense of fellowship and pride is reflected in a common timepiece. Having a specialized unit watch only forms a tighter bond and the watches quickly become family heirlooms. Bremont helps deliver on that front and now they are delivering for us as well.

Bremont VMFA(AW)-225 miitary edition during refueling operations with F/A-18Ds and a KC-10 Tanker.
Bremont VMFA(AW)-225 miitary edition during refueling operations with F/A-18Ds and a KC-10 Tanker.

FighterSweep is excited to have Bremont as the official timekeeper of Force12 media and FighterSweep. Readers will be able to get a time hack with their own Bremont watch on the website. Starting today, you will see the Bremont F/A-18C Hornet watch in the top right corner (mobile users at the bottom of your scroll), providing various different time zones. Standby as other Bremont military editions are added to the display.

A relationship between FighterSweep and Bremont just makes sense. When we saw Bremont’s commitment to military aviation, we knew it was time to form a partnership. Opportunities like this do not come around often, so we had to jump at the chance. FighterSweep and Bremont are excited about our future. We hope you are too.

For more information about the Bremont Military program, visit their website at

Monday, FighterSweep sits down with Bremont Co-Founder Nick English to get his thoughts on Bremont, military aviation, and the natural fit between the two.

Top Photo: The Bremont 2015 Photo Contest Category III winner is this shot of the Bremont VAQ-136 military edition in formation with an EA-18G Growler. Photo Courtesy: Bremont Military