Editor’s Note: It stands to reason that, while some of the POGO report is absolutely valid, it doesn’t take other things into account. Even in the past four and a half months, the jet has made amazing strides. From all of the airspeed, altitude, and G-restrictions prior to the new year, to now fighting in BFM engagements–and doing rather well, dropping live ordnance, conducting deployment testing, and so on. So while the airplane has a long way to go before it’s full up, it’s a heck of a lot closer than it was.

As the F-35 gets ready to deploy its first squadron overseas next year, the air frame still has unresolved problems and maintenance and technical concerns, a dense report released this year by the Pentagon’s director of Operational Test and Evaluation finds.

The report is the focus of a new post by the Project on Government Oversight, an independent watchdog group that has long been critical of the F-35 Program.

In addition to deficiencies and performance issues with the software for the various F-35 variants, the report found that F-35 aircraft spent 21 percent more time down for maintenance than was planned and waited for supply parts for 51 percent longer than they were supposed to. Program delays plague software development, equipment delivery and developmental testing.

POGO: F-35 Not Ready For Combat Until 2022
The F-35 program has made great strides in the past few months, and though there are major hurdles to overcome, that aircraft is performing very well. (Photo courtesy of Hill AFB Public Affairs)

POGO staff summarize the findings thus:

The makes clear just how far the F-35 program still has to go in the development process. Some of the technical challenges facing the program will take years to correct, and as a result, the F-35’s operationally demonstrated suitability for combat will not be known until 2022 at the earliest.

The report prompted a statement from the Joint Strike Fighter Program Officer defending the aircraft.

“Although the DOT&E report is factually accurate, it does not fully address program efforts to resolve known technical challenges and schedule risks … Our government and industry team has a proven track record of overcoming technical challenges discovered during developmental and operational testing and fleet operations, and delivering on program commitments,” the statement reads, in part.

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