This one is interesting, FighterSweep Fans. The Portuguese Air Force has released unclassified footage of one of its P-3 Orion Patrol/Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) aircraft being intercepted over the Baltic Sea by a Russian Aerospace Forces Su-27 Flanker.

You won’t see any barrel-roll shenanigans in this clip, but it does clearly show the Flanker’s weapons loadout and the Russian pilot’s manner as the fighter approaches the Portuguese aircraft.

This clip was reportedly taken in November 2014. The P-3C CUP+ Orion is operated by 601 Squadron, the “Lobos,” and based at Beja Air Base. It’s one of five aircraft received from the Dutch Navy, starting in 2006 after Portugal retired its previous number of P-3Ps, also operated by 601 Squadron.

Portuguese P-3 Intercepted By Russian Su-27
A Russian Aerospace Forces Su-27 is seen as it intercepts a Portuguese Air Force P-3C CUP+ Orion patrol aircraft. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)