Editor’s Note: While there is some debate of what exact mission the Russian Air Force (RuAF) actually accomplished in Syria, Sputnik News has released a video depicting some of the major milestones achieved during combat operations, as well as providing justification for the RuAF’s departure. While air bases and regional naval facilities remain in operation, according to Sputnik, only a small number of military “advisors” will remain.

A video look at Russia’s mission in Syria over the past six months, and how it accomplished its stated goals, prompting a withdrawal.

“Our task is to stabilize the legal government and create conditions for finding political compromise,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Russian television on October 11, 2015.

As you can see, unlike statements by a certain president on a certain aircraft carrier, this operation set realistic goals and followed them, which, at least in part, should rehabilitate the slogan.

The original article on Sputnik News in its entirety can be viewed right here.

(Featured photo courtesy of AFP/Getty)