This is a very rare event in many ways. A twin engine Saab 340 with 16 passengers and three aircrew landed safely after one of the aircraft’s propellers literally fell off in flight just outside of Sydney, Australia. Miraculously, when the propeller came off it totally missed hitting anything on the wing or tail section of the plane. Regional Express flight ZL768 glided to a safe landing.

“They were a hair’s breadth away from a disaster. I don’t know how the hell it didn’t damage the aircraft as it went past,” said Paul Cousin, the president of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.

The only sign that something was up with the twin-engine craft was when the pilots felt a vibration about 12 miles from Sydney Airport.

As they prepared to shut down the right-hand engine as a precaution, they saw the propeller disappear over the plane’s wing from the cockpit window. – Sky News

The pilots estimated that the propeller came off at 6000 feet. After landing it was discovered it had broken off on the engine shaft. People living in the area were asked to turn in the parts to the police if found.

Featured image by Sky News


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