I cannot be any more emphatic, FighterSweep Fans: if you call yourself an aviation enthusiast, this is nearly fifteen minutes of video you’re going to want to watch–especially if you love the Spitfire as much as we do. If you don’t, I figure there’s probably something wrong with you!

I love studying military aviation history and have always enjoy learning new things, but this one kinda blew my mind. I honestly had no idea there were American pilots conducting unescorted photo-recce missions over Germany, flying Spitfire Mk XIs with U.S. markings. Annnnnnd….they were unarmed.

Just to let the badassery of the last sentence sink in, I am going to say it again: unescorted photo-recce missions over Germany…with absolutely no offensive or defensive weapons.

The video is one pilot’s reaction to his own emergency landing nearly 60 years ago. It’s a video he knew existed, but one he never had a chance to view.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube.
Photo Courtesy of YouTube.

The pilot is Lt. Col. John S. Blyth, Distinguished Flying Cross recipient.

Cheers to Major James R. Savage and the Savage family for capturing and maintaining the video, and putting together a touching documentary about Spitfire 944. We’re happy to have run across it.

(Featured photo courtesy of J.L. Flinchpaugh Publishing)