US F-35s make a visit to the former Eastern Bloc country Estonia, landing at the Amari air base right next door to Russia. Estonia, now a NATO member was once part of the infamous Warsaw Pact from 1955–1991 during the height of the Soviet Union’s power. Amari air base used to host the Russian Su-24 fighter jets but today saw US F-35 Lightning II aircraft on the tarmac.

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The Estonian defence ministry earlier tweeted to confirm the move, saying the jets would be heading to the country’s northern Ämari air base for training exercises.

And Estonian Defence Minister Margus Tsahkna was there to greet the planes as they touched down at the base.

The aircraft were pictured taxiing down the runway as American, Estonian and Nato flags fluttered in the breeze. – The Sun

Estonia has about 200 miles of shared border with Russia. The F-35s are also scheduled to make a stop in Romania, another former Soviet era Eastern Bloc country.

Featured image of F-35 landing in Estonia by Reuters


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