Watch this cool F-35B Lightning II section startup, taxi, and take off.  VMFA-121, the Green Knights, are participating in Red Flag 16-3 at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV.

The USMC’s first F-35B squadron, VMFA-121 is participating in Red Flag 16-3.  The Green Knights are the first USMC F-35B squadron to declare initial operational capability (IOC).  Check out this cool HD video of a section taxi and takeoff at Nellis AFB.  Note the Las Vegas skyline in the background including the Stratoshpere. Vegas Baby!

Hat tip: Miguel Mendoza

Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence’s Son in Primary Flight Training at Pensacola

Proud parents with the newly commissioned 2Lt. (Credit: Twitter @mike_pence)
Proud parents with the newly commissioned 2Lt. (Credit: Twitter @mike_pence)

The potential Vice President currently has a son serving in the USMC. 1st Lt Michael Pence graduated from Purdue University and completed The Basic School at Quantico, Virginia back in the fall. The younger Pence is now in primary flight training at NAS Pensacola with TRAWING 5.

Thanks for your service Michael, enjoy flight school, and good luck with those instrument hops!

Top Photo Credit:  A VFMA-121 F-35B, Norman Graf via Flickr