VistaJet is a business jet membership charter firm that originated in Europe about 14 years ago with one jet for hire. Today, the company has over 70 jets with an inventory including the Bombardier Challenger 350 and Global 5000 and they say business is great up 30% in the third quarter.

Due to this growth, “We will be increasing our U.S. fleet by 50 percent in the next few months,” said VistaJet U.S.president Ron Silverman. According to Silverman, this would be achieved by moving aircraft from other regions.

“At present, we use foreign aircraft [registered in Malta, VistaJet’s base] to fly U.S. customers, but we will re-register some aircraft because foreign-registered aircraft can’t pick up and drop passengers in the U.S.”

Silverman said the U.S. market is “phenomenal” at the moment, while Asia is strong, particularly India. Meanwhile, Africa “is not doing very well,” so the company does not need so many aircraft operating there.

The company is also planning a tour of six U.S. cities with one of its Global 5000 “to allow prospective clients to try the VistaJet experience.” – AINonline

Featured image of a Bombardier 350 Challenger by Ian Gratton via Flickr public domain


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