A personal helicopter that can fly itself, won’t crash and costs under $200,000? That is what showed up at the Paris Air Show this year in the form of the SureFly Personal Helicopter! Who wants one?

Everything about the SureFly is meant to be as simple as possible to provide a fun, safe flying experience for the pilot and one passenger. While it looks like an ordinary helicopter, the aircraft features four propeller arms, with two fixed contra-rotating propellers on each arm.

The SureFly is powered by a gas combustion engine that generates energy, and it is backed up by dual parallel lithium-ion battery packs, which can power the electric motors in the event of engine failure while also cutting down on the time between flights by reducing the need to recharge.

It also comes with a ballistic parachute, which, in the worst case scenario, would fire straight up into the air, unaffected by the SureFly’s eight blades, to provide a safe landing. – Flying Magazine

Hopefully, we get to see it fly soon!


Featured image by video screen capture