Reloading .22LR has almost always been shooter fiction. History has proven though that it is possible. Throughout history, there have been kits that make reloading .22LR doable. Some kits worked very well, and others were very basic. Today, there is a company that makes a .22LR reloading kit right here in American. Personally, when I first heard of this product, I thought that it was experimental or proprietary and probably didn’t work all that well. Afterall, reloading .22LR is impossible, right?


The first thing you need to start reloading is the reloading kit that you can order here. The website also has videos on how to get started if I end up confusing you or not having enough detail for you. If you do not wish to buy their priming compound on their website, you can use the powder from capgun ammo, strike anywhere matches, and acetone to make your primer. As for powder, the manual has a good list of powder options to choose from. You will probably do good to use a fishing weight, and melt the lead for casting your bullets. The rest of the needed materials and tools are already provided by the .22 reloading kit. For any extra information, the guys at sharpshooter are more than knowledgeable of how to go about effectively reloading 22 long rifle.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who owns a 22 rifle or pistol. The savings on ammo is huge and though you need to invest your time to make the ammo, it is a small price to pay when you have the other option of spending more money than is necessary. No longer do you need to wait in long lines or wait for weeks to acquire an overpriced box with limited ammo at a big box store. Now you can sit at home and just make your own .22 ammo.

by David Donchess

David served in the USMC for a few years, deployed twice and got wounded. Retired and moved to Alaska. Has a passion for reviewing and testing guns and gear of all kinds. Enjoys working to dispel myths and show that you can train and practice in a realistic, safe, and practical way.

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