Nearly a year ago to the date, I acquired the 5.11 Pursuit Advance Boots. Originally I was drawn to the casual design, but as soon as I put the boots on I was in love. The Pursuit Advance are amongst the topmost comfortable boots I have ever put on, are extremely light, and extremely mobile. I have some hesitations about the durability we’ll cover that.

I have used them during my attendance to many Law Enforcement schools, some of which have required miles of running in full kit and other physical activities such as pivoting, changing direction, squatting, etc. The boots have not let me down and I am honestly impressed with their comfort. I have also worn them out to dinner and on camping trips with my family, which shows their versatility and ads to value.

5.11 went with some solid features to attract the quiet professional. Details like “High-performance tactical boot in a casual profile”, “5.11 RECON® footbed for stability and agility”, and “Supports 5.11® Blood Patch Type Kit” can’t be overlooked. But the good stuff is in the sole. The Pursuit Advance rocks an Ortholite® insole which aids in comfort and performance and moisture control, a full length CMEVA midsole for a high tolerant and sleek design, an 8mm heel-to-toe drop for mobility, and all the lugs you could hope for (forefoot, arch, and climbing lugs) for solid grip and agility.

Some wear and tear is expected considering what I have put these boots through. However, I can’t say that I am pleased with their durability. The sole is cracking on my left boot where my foot bends at the toe; most likely from running, kneeling and getting up and down off the ground. Additionally, the left heel is slightly damaged, but I will take some of the blame for this. I tend to get lazy at times and use my right shoe to peel my left shoe off at the heel. There are also random parts on the boot that are staring (ever slightly) to peel from the sole. They are holding their integrity for the most part, but I can’t see them lasting much longer.

I own several pairs of boots that I can confidently say outperform the Pursuit Advance from a durability standpoint. The Pursuit Advance, however, cost significantly lower than their outperforming competitors and are much more comfortable. I would like to see 5.11 put a little more into the durability if they are going to pitch this boot as a “ready for anything” boot. Even if it raises the price; I personally would pay a little more for a boot that is going to last me longer. There are several brands out there that can go several years with showing less wear and tear than the Pursuit Advance but, to be fair, considering the price point and comfort, the Pursuit Advance makes a solid buy for the right customer.