A quality timepiece is much more than just a watch. It’s a way to level up your dress code for any occasion, a status symbol and investment. If you decide to hand it down then it becomes part of your legacy.

So what constitutes a quality timepiece? Let’s break down a few characteristics to look for.

Weight – A watch with a decent weight or heft to it is like a good solid handshake. You can just tell that you’re dealing with something that is going to last.

Movement – Automatic movement all the way. Auto movements contain more moving parts, provide the sleek sweep movement of the second hand and generally are more of an investment for the watchmaker. The ETA2824 and Citizen Caliber 9015 both seem to be quality movements from my experience.

Lume – I’m a huge proponent of quality lume. If I cannot tell what time it is in the middle of the night, then it’s a no-go. That is just my personal preference. There are different types of lume, so do your homework when looking for that quality timepiece. To be brutally honest, Resco has the best lume out there based on the different watches that I own and have used. I have other watches that claim to have a ‘high quality’ lume, but cannot be easily read in the darkest of dark. They just can’t seem to compete with Resco. This is one of the reasons that my Resco Manus is a go-to watch of mine.

Company history – I’m all about supporting small businesses, especially watch companies. The two watch companies I turn to are Resco Instruments and NFW Watch Company. Both are small, loyal and stand behind their product. When it comes to service, you can pick up the phone and talk to someone and get your question answered or issues resolved quickly. Resco Instruments was started by a now-retired Navy SEAL and knows what goes into a quality timepiece. NFW does a fantastic job of supporting military organizations through the sales of their watches. Bottom line is, find a watch company with a solid history that is easy to work with.


*Photo is of a limited edition Resco Instruments Patriot