Getting a good cup of coffee while on the road or in the field can make all of the difference.  I’ve used a variety of things from french presses to instant coffee, all producing mixed results.

Then you meet a connoisseur

One of the beauties of traveling a lot is that you get to meet a lot of different people and get exposed to a lot of new ideas. I was surfing at San Onofre the other day and met a doctor from Australia. He was traveling and living in the US with his family for the season while teaching at Stanford.

As these things go we got to talking and at some point he declared his passion for coffee and introduced me to the AeroPress.  As a self-proclaimed “coffee snob” he made the bold statement that this press made the ultimate coffee. Coffee so good that he doesn’t leave home without it.

You know it’s got to be good

I had no doubt that if he was telling me this thing was the deal than it must have been, but it was when I found out that he routinely paid hundreds of dollars for bags of coffee I knew that this press must deliver since it only costs $25.99.  There’s just no way that someone who would pay that much for coffee would recommend a $30 piece of gear to cook it up unless it was that much better.

Get it: AeroPress