On the water it’s always tough to try to get quality shoes that dry as well as shoes that keep a grip on wet surfaces. From Under Armour to Bates to Danner I’ve tried a lot of boots/shoes for operations. Altama sticks out to me as the pound for pound champ so far in boots/shoes I’ve worn or tested. They do have their place where they excel the best and that’s on the water.


Back in the day Recon wore all black Chuck T’s because you could wear fins over them comfortably. Altama made their boot and it kind of took over the game. It’s durable as all get out, they’re stylish and last but not least super comfortable and convenient. If you’re feeling bold and want to get wet, the side vents on the boots really change the way you get water out of your boot. It also makes it easier to walk as that, in my opinion, is also a relief. The other cool factor if you’re getting wet is you can get them to dry in 8-10 hours (I’ve had them dry in as little as 6 hours after being soaked, but I said 8-10 hours to be safe).

Altama Maritime Assault Shoes


Out of the box, the Altama Maritime Assault Boots are broken in without showing the wear marks. There really isn’t a break in process and that saves time and effort on your part. The quality and craftsmanship are seen as soon as you pick them up. The amount of durability compared to how light they are is incredible as the quality resembles a well made heavy boot. But in my case, I like to be light on my feet. 


Walking in water is a good way to ditch your tracks (although you make more noise if you’re not careful when you’re walking up a creek or stream). Having that ability to walk in water or being on a boat and having the ability to have your boots drain on the spot is critical to comfort – especially when you’re not wearing socks. As my buddy nicknamed LL COOL  J once stated… “there is no dive operation SOP that says you should wear socks.”. Altama nailed that aspect of their boot. No socks, no problem.

Altama Maritime Assault Shoes

Altama Marritime Assault boots on Land

On land or in public, Altama’s are a perfect way to blend in and still be able to get somewhere quick if need be. They aren’t the best climbing shoe, but you can climb in them. In the mountains in cold terrain, they work wonders if you have warm socks. They are a warm weather show but it’s all about how you layer your socks. Waterproof socks can be worn as I wear those out in the mountains with my Altama’s. 

I asked Brad what he thought of the boots during operations. “They are an amazing and comfortable boot. They are lightweight, durable and they make you look a lot cooler than you are haha” 

Altama Maritime Assault Shoes

Rule number one when you’re fixing to get into a gunfight… always look cool. Sh*t, they even make you look cool at the dog park!