In my quest to find a better way to carry shotgun ammo, I’ve stumbled upon the AmmoPal. The shotgun is a low capacity weapon, and being able to quickly reload it is a must-have. This means you need readily accessible ammunition, and the AmmoPal is a means to give you easily accessible ammo.

What is an AmmoPal?

The AmmoPal is a Pez dispenser for shotgun shells, and that’s freaking awesome. It’s designed to allow for the easy carry of 10 rounds of 2.75” 12 gauge. It works a lot like a magazine. It’s a box with a spring and a follower that pushes rounds upwards against a set of two claws. It is designed to mount to modern MOLLE based gear and rides vertically. The rear of the AmmoPal has four clips that slide between MOLLE and lock it in securely. Additionally, you can secure it inside a double AR magazine pouch with ease. Heck, toss half a dozen into your range backpack and go!

This offers you a compact way to carry ammo and you can squeeze three to a vest for a total of 30 12 gauge rounds.

The AmmoPal allows you to easily access ammo and shove into your weapon on the fly. Between the aforementioned claws is a gap that enables your thumb to remove rounds and feed your gun.

Does it Work?

The good news is yes, it works and works quite well. The follower feeds the shotgun shells without complaint and doesn’t seem to be picky between rounds. It feeds everything from high-end defensive ammo to super cheap birdshot best used for training. The only issue you could run into is missized rounds. At long as it’s truly 2.75 inches, it will fit.

The AmmoPal secures itself well to your chosen platform. On something like the 5.11 All Missions Plate carrier, you can secure the AmmoPal vertically or horizontally.

Against the clock, the AmmoPal isn’t as fast as something like a side saddle, but it outperforms a cheap nylon bandolier every day of the week. With a bandolier, you have to constantly move your hand to find the next shell. With the AmmoPal, the rounds are in the same place every single time. This builds better habits, and ultimately you get quicker reloads.

The device works well both when you are barehanded and when wearing gloves.

It works best with tube-fed shotguns, as you’d imagine, but shooters chasing clays could certainly find the AmmoPal handy. It fits well on a belt, and since chasing clays doesn’t involve any running, it’s not going anywhere. You can use it for hunting, especially when hunting birds or other high volume small game since gives you instant access to a few extra rounds in a convenient package.

Who is it For?

The AmmoPal is perfect for shooters of all types. Hunters, plinkers, and tactical shooters will easily find benefits in the AmmoPal. It provides rapid and reliable reloads and is a very convenient method to carry shotgun rounds. The AmmoPal beats bandoliers in every way but sheer capacity, and it is way better than a pocket full of shotshells.

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