While there are many products offering “fixes” for common problems on the market in this- the platinum age of Modern Sporting Rifles- many times a do-it-yourself approach is preferred.   One such problem is that many rifles are a bit over gassed in an attempt to provide the system more energy to cycle thorough dirt and debris.  With the addition of a suppressor, the amount of gas near the shooters face goes up significantly, especially through the charging handle slot of the receiver.

In this video by YouTube channel Guns and Tactics, Dave Timm covers one of the simplest (and best known) solutions for suppressed blowback.  Commonly called the “RTV trick” or the “DIY Gasbuster” (after a commercial product for the same problem and carrying the same name), this involves the judicious application of RTV silicone (or similar) to block the most significant path of gas towards the shooter’s face.

-Rex Nanorum


YouTube- Rex Nanorum