That loud ring that lives in my ears results from the younger me being the stupid me and not wearing hearing protection. Tinnitus is no fun, folks, and during my time in the military, I ignored some basic safety procedures for the sake of hearing my squad and team leader run the attack. Learn from my stupidity and invest in your ears. Ear protection has grown by leaps and bounds, and the Axil Trackr Blu series of earmuffs is proof of that.

Axil Trackr Blu – The Future Is Now

We live at a point where anything but electronic hearing protection is rather subpar. Sure orange squishies will protect your ears, but electronic hearing protection will protect your ears while allowing you to maintain situational awareness (SA). Higher SA at the range allows for a safer experience at the range.

When it comes to training, electronic ear protection is a must as it allows you to hear the instruction you are paying so much money for. The Axil Trackr Blu is an excellent example of what electronic ear muffs can do.

They grant users crisp and clear audio of the world around them while instantly shutting out and limiting the noise of gunfire. The noise cancellation reaction time is 0.2 seconds, which is faster than most shooters can comprehend. From an audio perspective, the Axil Trackr Blu series does an amazing job of bringing the world around you to life. Most electronic ear muffs I’ve used produce audio that sounds eerily robotic, but the Axil Trackr Blu is surprisingly clear.

The Blu stands for Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your headphones to Bluetooth devices. Nothing is stopping you from listening to music at the range, and if so, you can still hear the world around you as the Bluetooth on the Axil Tracker doesn’t cut off the surrounding sounds. The Bluetooth audio is also very clear. You can use it to make phone calls, which allows you to chat and communicate without sacrificing your hearing protection. And turning the Bluetooth on and off requires nothing more than a press of a button.

Small and Light

Ergonomically the Axil Trackr Blu is spot on. There are separate audio knobs that allow you to adjust the Bluetooth volume separate from the external audio volume. I adjust the volume on the fly and with ease. The knobs move easily and you can adjust both at the same time if necessary. Stashing the Axil Trackr takes no effort. They fold into a small and compact shape that’s perfect for a range bag or tactical rifle case.

A lot of things are more important than comfort but comfort is pretty damn important too. The earmuffs of the Axil Trackr Blu are slim but padded and extremely comfortable. I have a big-ass head, nevertheless, I’ve never felt pinched wearing the muffs and they never felt like they were digging in. A section of padding on the headband also provides a higher comfort level after hours of use at the range. The Axil Trackr Blu headphones are quite light and never weigh you down.

About Your Cheekweld

Some earmuffs can interrupt your cheek weld. A lot of precision shooters will use in-ear earplugs to allow for a good cheek weld. Admittedly, the Axil Trackr Blu headphones can get in the way with some weapons with precision stocks. However, they will work perfectly fine with ARs, AKs, shotguns, and other common tactical weapons.

The Axil Trackr Blu headphones are perfect for training, range time, competition, and beyond. They are lightweight, comfortable, and have amazing audio quality. Bluetooth connectivity is an added plus. Protect your ears folks, and you only get the two of them.

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