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Better Gunfighting: How Daniel Defense Helps LEOs
Candice Horner

Over the past year, mainstream media is paying more attention to ambush attacks on police. With the Dallas Shooting being the deadliest incident on law enforcement since September 11th, it was the catalyst to acknowledging there is a problem with how law enforcement is trained.

During the Dallas Shooting, I was glued to the TV. While watching the coverage until 4am, the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. I felt like positive action had to be taken that would benefit officers in the field, and hopefully save lives in the future. The goal for the Daniel Defense Team in hosting this class was to help fill training deficits that exist in many police departments due to budget constraints,” recalls Thomas Carlson, Daniel Defense Director of Marketing Communications.

Better Gunfighting: How Daniel Defense Helps LEOs

Essentially, the Daniel Defense Team felt like the rest of America when the Dallas Shooting occurred – but they were able to help push change. They did this by bringing William Petty (owner of Centrifuge Training and brand ambassador to JTF Awesome team member Propper) to Georgia to teach his Vehicle CQB Instructor Course.

The course is developed from trends based off the fact that a large portion of police work takes place in and around vehicles. Petty says, “Tactics only work when subjects are compliant. But, the tactic isn’t valid unless it works when opposed. We cannot rely on people to be compliant.” Petty’s course shifts the historical way of thinking and proves there are at least 16 points of cover on a vehicle.

Instead of working from the “V” of the door, he teaches participants how to use several areas on the vehicle for cover and how to use those points to your advantage to fight back.

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