During a SOFREP radio interview with myself and Brandon Webb, the topic came up about sniper rifles.  Brandon mentioned the Blaser R93 LRS2 sniper rifle after I stated that I am getting a custom sniper rifle built (.308 on a Rock Solid Stock).  Not fully recognizing what he had just said until much later, I had to do this review of  such an awesome sniper rifle.  Not only does this weapon look amazing, its features, manufacturing, accuracy, weight, etc., are all great. Here is a basic breakdown of the rifle and what I think about it.

The Barrel

Something that we first notice when looking at the barrel of the rifle, we notice that it looks extremely different from most of the precision rifles on the market today.  The rifle comes standard with a fluted and an awesome free-floating barrel.  The way that the rifle barrel is constructed, makes this rifle extremely accurate (sub MOA).  Not only by having the fluted barrel (which reduces the weight and enhances heat dispersion), the rifle has absolutely no interference with any part of the weapon except for chamber. You’ll have no doubt in your mind if your barrel has any external interference!

The Stock and Trigger

What myself and Brandon both agree on, is the weight of the rifle.  This weapons weighs under 12 lbs. (11.9), pretty good especially when considering that it’s a heavy bore rife.  For us combat/tactical shooters, weight is a key factor in how you operate.  My weapon of choice deployed was the SR-25 MK 11 Mod O, coming in at an empty weight of ≈14 lbs.  I was able to operate just fine, but having a weapon weighing in at just under 12 lbs., any shooter would love to have, every ounce of weight counts, if you can cut it, do so.  The weight of the rifle was mostly achieved by having it constructed of an extremely stable synthetic stock.  Another cool feature is that the stock is adjustable for length of pull and cheek height.


The Action

If you’re not used to it, it can take some time.  The bolt/action is straight back.  Unlike the traditional bolt action rifle, where you have to unlock the bolt, pull the bolt back to extract, push forward, and then re-lock before firing, the Blaser has the bolt set up so that all the operator has to do is simply pull back to unlock and extract, then push forward to lock and fire.  The operator of the rifle is now that much more effective in the field or in a competition where time means everything.


Weight .223 Rem., .308 Win., .300 Win Mag 5.4 kg (12 lb) (empty)
.338 Lapua Mag. 5.8 kg (13 lb) (empty)

Caliber 7.62 NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum,.338 Lapua, 6.5x55mm
Action bolt-actionRifle Barrel Twist 1:11 4 groove
Feed system 5-rounds detachable box magazine (4 for .300Win), Original LRT 10-rounds
Sights detachable aperture type iron sights day or night optics

MSRP: $4,000 – 4400 USD

http://www.blaser.de/index.php?id=23&L=1 For more info.