Just got this out of the mail from Boker Knives. Full Review coming up!

Böker is based in Solingen, Germany. They make some very sturdy folding and outdoor knives and Boker was one of the first companies to offer ceramic knives that are now so popular with consumers today. Since 1869, Boker created only the best in sporting and collectible knives from their manufacturing plant.

In 1986, Boker USA, was started in Denver, Colorado for US production of high quality knives and I’ll tell you this knife is gorgeous. Just look at the pictures and the accompanying video.

From Boker: Designed by Tony Lennartz – an icon for decades in the field of the outdoors, wilderness survival and bushcrafting, as well as an experienced military leader with a passion for the outdoors. Extended trips to the North American wilderness and his relationship with the inhabitants of these regions provided the opportunity for true wilderness survival techniques and hands-on experience.

These expeditions provided Tony with the insight into his knife designs – namely, functionality, rugged use and durability. Boker is proud to begin a relationship with Tony to bring to the market the legendary German Expedition Knife… built to the specifications and quality demanded by its designer.

The creative mind of Tony in marriage with the quality reputation of the Boker Manufactory provides the user with the ultimate wilderness field knife. This modern classic is definitely a full size survival knife, which, by its versatility, is capable of mastering any task in the wilderness.

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