I really hate most gun cleaning, but as much as I hate it, I hate dirty and inaccurate guns more. Bill Rogers has done the science and produced an easy (maybe even fun) way to clean your gun beyond arms room turn-in standards. Behold the amazingly simple Bore Squeeg-E Advanced Cleaning System.

There is a stupid Army ritual which began for me in basic combat training—excessive rifle cleaning. In its worst form, it involves cleaning rifles three days in a row with steel rods. Why three days in a row? Because when my grandfather was in the Rainbow Division in France for the 1917 European War Games, he shot corrosive ammo that required multiple cleanings. Misunderstood, this tradition lives on.

Why steel rods? Because even in the 21st century, that is what they issue. The steel rods wear the bore and the critical crown area, which greatly effects accuracy as the bullet exits the gun. The focus is on removing any dark areas in Parkerized metal, perceived as “carbon.” The final requirement is a bone-dry surface. This foolishness generates the use of drills and corrosive unconventional cleaning solutions seeking to produce shiny, dry surfaces.

Bill Rogers hates dirty guns too. His school is full of them. He wanted to come up with a simple technique that got guns really clean without all the cancer-causing chemicals. Spoiler alert, he did just that. He explains it better than I could:

When you have kids, you start thinking about all the poison chemicals around your house. The kitchen table isn’t an alternate workbench anymore. You don’t want a bunch of dirty patches all over the place. But you still need to clean your guns, because you need guns to protect and teach your kids. What do you do?

The Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System is a collection of precision brushes, wipes, and chemicals that allow the quick cleaning of the bore and action of firearms without using caustic chemicals. The Squeeg-E will provide great cleaning without excessive effort or wear. Clean bores improve accuracy. All you have to do is use the right-size tools and the proper chemicals.


For $79.95, you can buy an advanced cleaning kit, complete with chemicals, here. There is a cleverly organized carrying kit which protects the metal brushes and organizes things for the range and the cleaning table.

A lot of thought went into this kit. I like to clean on the kitchen table. This kit will clean every gun I have in a safe, entertaining way with minimal mess. What more can you ask?