When I was a kid, I almost always bought a cheap “switchblade” comb at the county fair every year. It seemed every detective movie I watched with my grandfather featured a switchblade at some point. I always thought automatic knives were super cool, and my grandfather carried a Buck pocket knife daily. So, I was very excited to receive this knife.

Maybe its because I’ve been into old weapons (Wild West and WWI) lately. Maybe it’s just nostalgia. Maybe its because its American made. The Buck Knives 112 Auto Elite is just plain old school cool fir the 21st century to me. Check out the review below to learn more about it.

Author – Seth joined the Army in 2006 and went to Iraq a couple times doing LRRP work for the 82nd Airborne. After that, he played the Private Military Contractor game for a while until he decided to pursue a degree in economics. He now works as a data analyst and firearms instructor.