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The AK series of rifles are the second most popular series of rifles in the United States. Even with that being said dedicated AK optics are hard to come by. The AK is meant to be used at ranges of 300 yards, so the optics market has never been large. The Bushnell AK Optic is one of the most modern and affordable option for scoping any rifle in 7.62×39. For example, I tested and utilized this scope on my SIG 556R, a 7.62 x 39mm SIG 556. The R standing for Russian of course. The Bushnell AK optic isn’t just for AKs, ARs, the M+M M10, and the PTR 32 are all 7.62 x 39mm rifles that can benefit from this scope. Bushnell was more than happy to provide me with a production model for review over the last few weeks.

The Rundown of the Bushnell AK optic

During my Bushnell AK optic review, I was impressed more than once. I’m not a rich man and the best optic I’ve ever used was a Trijicon ACOG. I’m not the type of guy who can afford a Schmidt and Bender, or Nightforce optics. What I can afford is the Bushnell AK optic. That’s what drew me to it. With an MSRP of 250 bucks, I only expected a working optic, not much more. I was wrong.

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