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Technology was one of the driving factors for the economic engine of the 1980s. Personal computers found their way into both businesses and homes, communication advances leapt forward with the breakup of the telephone monopoly, and pistols began to displace revolvers as the dominant handgun in duty holsters around the nation. Before it arrived on these shores, few had ever heard of the so-called Austrian-made “plastic gun” that would soon sweep through the law enforcement market.

The polymer-framed gun from Glock was a technological advancement in design and production that fit the era well. The Glock 17 wasn’t the first striker-fired gun, or even the first handgun to extensively use polymer. But it was the right gun in the right place at the right time. At a time when drug violence was escalating and police departments were looking to give officers more firepower, the G17 offered revolver-like simplicity combined with an unheard of 17+1 capacity. Many departments liked what they saw, and the striker-fired revolution began to burn in earnest.

After those early days, nearly every major company began developing striker-fired pistols marketed for law enforcement and personal protection. Today, there is a broad selection of high-quality handguns that offer excellent reliability, fantastic ergonomics and standard-capacity magazines that can feed up to 19 rounds. Here’s a look at 10 striker-fired pistols available today.

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