The world of subguns is ever-growing and I love it. I have a real fascination with submachine guns since the 2nd Amendment has been gleefully infringed upon impacting my right to full-auto access. To satisfy my need for these guns, I’ve turned to subguns. Subguns are legally just really big pistols. They took the machine part out and left us with the sub and gun part. I’ve been shooting one of the more modern subguns out there, and it’s quickly become my favorite. It’s known as the APC9K.

The APC9K comes from the Swedish firm Brugger and Thomet and is the compact model of the APC9. APC stands for Advanced Police Carbine, but as we know, this is no carbine. It’s a really big pistol with a brace. Specifically the telescoping brace attachment with a Gear Head Works brace.


APC9K Specifications

The whole point of K model guns is to be compact, and the APC9K checks that box. It’s a super small subgun, but still rather large for a “pistol.” The APC9K aims to provide a compact firearm for police and military forces, including our own U.S. Army.

Caliber – 9mm
Barrel Length – 4.3 inches
Length (Brace Collapsed) – 14 inches
Length (Brace Opened) – 21.5 inches
Weight – 6.7 pounds

It’s a stout weapon that’s short and balances its weight well. A little gun like this offers you the same barrel length as your average full-sized pistol. You won’t see velocity advantages with a weapon like this. What you will see, however, is serious accuracy and control advantages, as well compatibility with a wide variety of accessories.

The APC9K sports three accessory rails at the front and a full-length optic rail across the top. The barrel accepts a suppressor with ease and uses a very common 1/2×28 thread pitch. Modularity even includes different lower receivers that accept Glock and SIG magazines and a multitude of stock options.

The standard APC9K comes in a massive and awesome carrying case. It’s hard plastic filled with foam and all your necessary paperwork. B&T also send a sling and some Allen keys to remove the rails and reveal the M-LOK slots. Sadly, you only get one magazine. For a weapon with an MSRP that hovers around $2,400 dollars, I’d want at least two.


At the Range With the APC9K

APC9K submachine gun submag
(Courtesy of author)

At the range, I did a quick zero of my low-mounted Aimpoint (complete with B&T throw lever) and started letting lead fly. Everything about the AP9CK is tight and well made. You can feel the quality of the gun the first time you handle it. The polymer is well molded and lacks tell-tale signs of shoddy work. The metal is all evenly finished, and everything clicks and pops just right. The gun feels solid.

The trigger stands out among subguns. I’ve felt decent triggers in these guns, like the MPX, but it’s rarely a priority. Yet, the APC9K’s trigger is absolutely outstanding. It features a very crisp break with a short pull that’s nice and light. The reset is tactile and audible. That great trigger really helps with the APC9K’s outstanding accuracy.

Seriously, this thing puts lead in teeny tiny groups and has no problems hitting very small targets. At 25 yards, I kept my four-inch gong spinning and even bounced it over the rail of the target at several points. At 50 yards, I could clear the plate rack in seconds, and even at 100 yards, I rang steel over and over.


Practical Shooting

I shoot the weapon from the offhand and in the standing position. It’s how the APC9K would most likely be used. Beyond just making accurate shots, I could shoot fast. The recoil is minimal: it’s super low for a blowback-operated firearm and completely controllable. Combine the accuracy with the ease of control, and shooters can easily land multiple shots in rapid succession.

The same goes for rapidly transitioning from target to target. I could rapidly engage targets both big and small. On big targets, I could land 9mms in the vital spots. Shooting a man-sized target is easy and not so impressive. Landing nothing but head and heart/lung shots can be a little tougher. The APC9K makes it quite easy to punch shots into the shutdown zones of the bad guy.

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APC9K submag submachine gun
(Courtesy of author)

B&T killed it in the ergonomics department. The APC9K features ambidextrous controls for everything. The safety, charging handles, magazine release, and bolt lock are all perfectly placed for right or left-handed use. Doing all the necessary maneuvers to operate the weapon takes zero effort.

The pistol grip is also to die for. It’s hand filling but slim, and I want it on all my AR-15 rifles now. There isn’t much to grab upfront, but you can use the magwell without worry. The weight of the weapon and balanced design even makes it easy to handle with a single hand. If one needed to protect a VIP and their main hand is occupied, they could easily engage with a single hand for close-range targets.


Small Package – Hard-Hitting

The APC9K is a tiny package that can hit hard. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to handle. For home defense, the APC9K would excel. It’s easy to control, and the small size makes it easy to maneuver with. If you need to work your phone to call 911 or open a door, you can still confidently handle your APC9K.

B&T knocked it out of the park with the APC9K.