Unless you have the cinematically aggrandized marksmanship skills of the actors in the movie “Wanted,” shooting the wings off of a fly isn’t happening. But this target and drill will help you improve your accuracy and give you immediate feedback for a self-diagnosis of what your current limitations are.

The drill requires you to place three to five rounds (pistol) in each wing of the fly and reload under a time constraint. You can adjust the time as you see fit, but the goal is to get a round off every second and perform a reload in or under two seconds. This drill is something that I’ve been using with my students midway and at the end of the class as a competition. The best time with all of the rounds in the wings wins. You’ll be surprised at your results with the self-induced pressure, especially when you’re doing this for time with a friend on the range.




  • Print out the targets provided here.
  • For starters, place the target five feet away from the shooter. For advanced shooters, increase the distance to 10 feet.
  • Load 10 rounds into each magazine. Two magazines are required.
  • At the sound of the timer, the shooter will place five rounds in each wing, reload, and perform the same on the next “fly.”


  • Time total: 22 seconds
  • If a round is placed outside the wings, deduct one second.