Long famous for their triggers, Elftmann Tactical has just shown that they are more than a one trick pony.  The ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock is the lightest all metal adjustable stock in production, weighing just 5.2oz.

Innovative features include ease of adjustment over the entire length of the buffer tube and silent operation – no clicking into detent holes, a simple turn of the knob allows full adjustment and when tightened, it is rock solid with absolutely no rattle.

Elftmann Tactical’s Ultralight Aluminum Stock

Get your very own Elftmann Tactical Ultralight Aluminum Stock HERE

About Elftmann Tactical:

Elftmann Tactical is a firearms accessories innovator. Our first product to market was the AR-15 Dual
Trigger (D-TR), a first-of-its-kind accessory for the AR-15 (or any firearm, for that matter). When we added needle bearings and a drop-in housing it was a natural progression to develop conventional single triggers with needle bearings and the ELF drop-in trigger was born.

Many unique features set our triggers apart from all others including needle bearings, adjust-ability, drop safety, full 1/4” width disconnector, ease of installation and modular design. The ELF triggers will be followed by a broad range of high quality gun accessories that will position us as a leader in innovative solutions for the gun enthusiast, military, and law enforcement markets.

Other products to be introduced soon include needle bearing triggers for other firearms (in addition to the AR-15), survival products, and an all metal bullpup conversion kit for the Ruger 10/22 .22 caliber rifle, converting it into a great looking, high performing tactical rifle.

The dynamic duo of Art Elftmann and Art Elftmann Sr., the visionaries behind Elftmann Tactical, are
working tirelessly with Richard Churchwell, our engineer, to bring these innovative new products to
market. All of our products are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. and are backed with a lifetime

Our product designer, Art Elftmann, is hard at working churning out innovative new designs and
challenging the status quo. Stay tuned for some exciting new developments with the ELF triggers and
other products in the very near future!