Emerson Knives has released a new signature series knife known as the Apache. Why the name Apache?

The name of this blade is based on the Apache Indian Tribes. The Apache Indians were one of the more popular tribes in America. They were known as a commanding tribe with fierce warriors who showed no fear. The Apache Indians were also nomadic, meaning they moved around frequently (you could say they were the violent nomads of the 18th century). Being nomadic caused them to rely on the ‘tools’ they carried to survive and protect themselves. One of those tools was their knife. The knives they carried had Bowie style blades that were ideal for use in both hunting and fighting.

I did a previous article on the importance and effectiveness of a blade (using Rambo First Blood as my example). If a knife is the last weapon you have on you (for whatever reason), it needs to be able to accomplish certain tasks in order to increase your odds of survival. The blade should be able to assist you in building shelterstarting a fire, processing food (hunting), and as a weapon to defend yourself. This new signature series knife from Emerson fulfills those requirements.

Emerson Knives Apache - A Warriors Blade
Emerson Knives Apache

The Apache offered by Emerson Knives is an aggressive blade designed for the modern day warrior. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and design of this blade.

Blade Length: Blade length is 3.7” with an overall length of 8.8”

Type of Blade: The blade profile is a Bowie style blade very similar to those carried by the Apache Indians. The graceful up-sweep of the blade will make quick work of processing your game after the hunt. 

Emerson Knives Apache - A Warriors Blade
Bowie style blade of the Apache

Blade and Handle Materials: The blade steel is American 154 CM stainless steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 57-59. Having a blade manufactured to that hardness gives you an extremely strong blade that’s going to hold an edge for an extended period of time. The handle material is a black checkered G10 standard found on most Emerson Knives. G10 is impervious to the outdoor elements, and temperature changes making it an ideal material for field use. Due to the design of the handle and the materials used, the knife locks securely into your hand when gripped.

Emerson Knives Apache - A Warriors Blade
Apache G10 handle scales
Emerson Knives Apache - A Warriors Blade
Indestructable pocket clip

Weight: 6 ounces

MSRP: $234.95 direct from Emerson Knives

Unique Features: As with most Emerson Knives, this blade has the wave opening feature. The knife the Apache Indians used was obviously a fixed blade knife. With the wave opening feature the folding knife can be deployed from the pocket (with a single motion) making it faster than any automatic knife, and just as fast as deploying a concealed fixed blade. As far as maintenance goes, this and any other Emerson knife are easy to maintain – due to the fact that they use standard phillips and flat head screws (no specialized torx or allen wrenches). With common tools you can easily disassemble and reassemble the knife for maintenance. 

Application: Hunting, hiking, camping, daily carry and personal defense

Bottom Line/Overall Performance: Simple, yet violent. The Apache blade from Emerson Knives makes a great knife for all your field craft tasks, but at the same makes a quite capable weapon to defend yourself. When I look to purchase a knife, Emerson Knives is my go to manufacturer for several reasons. One of those reasons is the companies background and design philosophy. The owner, Ernest Emerson, has been a fighter for most of his life and has incorporated that experience into the design of his knives. Knowing that gives me the confidence that these knives will perform when needed to do so.