Here is another great product from EXOTAC. The tinderTIN gives you an all natural resource to start a fire with. Available in two flavors (shavings or sticks), we’re going to look at the tin of shavings. Fatwood again is an all natural resource used for making a fire. The resin contained in fatwood is very flammable. I’ve been using fatwood in my fire kits for some time now and it’s my go-to when I’m trying to get a fire going in less than ideal weather conditions.

EXOTAC tinderTIN fatwood shavings

Fatwood is easily ignitable using either a lighter or sparks from a ferro rod. Check out the following video where I demonstrate using fatwood sticks for a fire.

From the EXOTAC website:

Fatwood comes from pine tree stumps that contain a large amount of resin. It lights quickly, burns hot, and is wind and moisture tolerant.  Our Fatwood is 100% natural and grown right here in Georgia, USA.  It is recovered from the lumber industry as waste and repurposed as the tinderTIN™ fire-starting materials.  Carry one of our fatwood tinderTIN™ with you, and you’ll never be without easy-to-light tinder.