Bottle Breacher offers some unique gifts for the father in your life. There is something for everyone in their store. Take a moment and sift through these gift ideas to find something for him for Father’s Day.

The original Bottle Breacher is their classic and probably most popular product. The original bottle breacher is available in several sizes depending on his preference.

Father's Day Gift Guide | Breacher Up!

Want to upgrade to something a little cooler to breach those bottles with? Try out the Freedom Frags. These are inert grenades that have been repurposed and tooled to be bottle openers.

Father's Day Gift Guide | Breacher Up!


If he is a whiskey drinker, then Bottle Breacher has the perfect product for him. Check out the Whiskey bullet chillers and cylinder holder. This will take you back to the John Wayne days of strong whiskey and six shooters.

Father's Day Gift Guide from Bottle Breacher

Maybe he is into a fine wine after a long day. Well, Bottle Breacher has a product to breach that bottle of wine otherwise known as the Wine Breacher.

Father's Day Gift Guide from Bottle Breacher

Bottle Breacher also offers a full line of swag to include hats, shirts and Breacher Bands. Their hats are pretty badass as I own one and wear it almost everyday.Father's Day Gift Guide from Bottle Breacher

Father's Day Gift Guide from Bottle Breacher

The Breacher Bands are very unique and badass. Similar to those metal bands you see veterans wearing to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to our nation; Bottle Breacher offers a leather alternative. You have the option of either getting one premade or you can order one with custom text. I personally wear a custom Breacher Band to honor my father who was an Army Veteran and recently passed away. This honestly is an excellent gift for him if he knows any active duty or veterans that have passed away.

Fathers Day Gift Guide from Bottle Breacher

Give their website a visit and support a veteran owned and operated business. Happy Fathers day too!

*Photos courtesy of Bottle Breacher

Check out the Crate Club as a Father’s Day gift to get a monthly crate of quality gear that’s hand-picked and tested by Special Operations veterans.


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