There are so many plate carriers out on the market now, it’s sometimes overwhelming to find the one that suits your needs.  This is especially true if you have low-visibility requirements. High-visibility plate carriers are a dime a dozen, but finding a decent low-profile carrier is not as straightforward. Ferro Concepts seeks to rectify this problem with its Slickster carrier.

The Slickster is actually a very versatile platform. As a base, it is simply about as little material as needed to hold ballistic plates, the size of your choosing, and last a long time during heavy use. But unlike many of the other low-profile carriers I’ve used in the past, the Slickster is made for expansion. The carrier has a generous amount of pile-side Velcro on the front and back which allow for a variety of attachments. Pictured in this review is the Ferro Concepts Slickster (side radio pouches, which attach so that opening and closing the vest don’t require detachment), the optional cummerbund, padded shoulder straps and a 3-rifle magazine insert. Built into the front of the carrier are reinforced slots for quick disconnect clips which allow the use of clip-in chest harnesses such as the Hailey DC3R platform. Using these and many other expansions, this carrier can function in any capacity a plate carrier might need to and due to its modular design, it can quickly be reconfigured for literally any mission set.

The inner lining of the Slickster is a breathable mesh material which helps to keep the user cooler during prolonged use or in high-temperature environments. The inner pockets where the plates sit contain straps for cinching down plates. The pouches have ample room for hard and soft plates as well as stand-alone ballistic plates, depending on preference or availability.  

The carrier comes in standard colors for tactical gear such as Multicam, Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown and Wolf Grey. Its low profile means that it fits underneath a jacket or a cover shirt inconspicuously, even with a magazine insert. The design of the Wingster attachment brings the radio in close to the user’s body which means that even a radio up to the size of a 152 can be carried concealed with this carrier, making it a very valuable tool.

Conclusion:  The Slickster is a valuable addition to any professional kit. The range of utility this carrier offers means that a broad spectrum of military, LEO and security professionals can use this carrier on missions that range from very low-visibility to overt, even long-term, isolated situations.  

Durability – 5/5

Design/Use of Space – 5/5

Utility – 5/5

Comfort – 5/5

Author – Eddy South is a security consultant working in both the government and private sectors, where he works in full spectrum security operations in austere environments.  Previously he served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as a Combat Engineer, Infantryman and finally Psychological Operations specialist for an SMU.  He is an enthusiastic shooter, boater, snowboarder, gamer and traveler.